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State of Banana is governed by the King and the Queen: Kim Asmussen and Sanne Grothe Wiwe. It is costituted as an enlightened dudictatorship, where anybody is welcome jo join and share input, if they can live with the rules and regulations of State of Banana... or lack thereof. 

Her majesty, Queen Sanne the first of State of Banana, rules thebooking and the bureaucratic side of State of Banana with an unjust iron fist. Her majesty charms, bribes and cheats to find both jobs and money, preferably to hand as little as possible out again on trivialities like taxes and VAT. 
This does not keep her majesty from interfering with the artistic aspects as well. “It is our own country so we shall be involved in everything. Dixi!”
Her majesty rules with her heart before her brain, and those on the outside can think whatever they please about that. Her majesty’s credo:”For the Arts, for the King, and for the State of Banana”.


His royal highness, King Kim the first of State of Banana, is a laissez-faire ruler, who - without a second’s hesitation - launches a fleet of ideas, without a care about what audience, the press and politics think. The King has no problem calling a spade a spade. He is convinced that one can easily maintain a civilised tone, while still paying tribute to sarcasm and irony. The King is a writer, a director and an insanely optimistic pessimist.

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