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State of Banana has a multifaceted staff of ministers, who manage their ministeries under little responsibility and great freedom. Common to all of them is, that they have neither contracts nor rights - apart from the ones the take for themselves - but great artistic freedom.


Minister of propaganda

Nina is unbelievably hardcore when it comes to marketing, lies, pyramid schemes, and other useful tips
and tricks. She doesn’t falter when it comes to spreading the happy word of State of Banana, and it is
said that there are multiple ongoing court cases behind closed doors in an attempt to stop Nina, as her
alluring talents, both as a person as well as a minister can be borderline biohazardous to mere mortals.

Minister of the past and rewriting

As minister of the past and rewriting Christian carries a massive responisibility, as there is an ongoing
discrepancy between the actions of the present and the explanations of the past.
To Managing the sometimes dangerous truth - and putting it into the right light - is a discipline that
requires historical insight, philosophical manipulation, and fanatical distortion.

Christian has been in charge of this management for many generations, as Bananstaten's ancestors

date back to around year 0.
Everything is documented in real-time and any press inquiry naturally gets full insight into all the
materials that are available to the public.

Minister for Lens subjugation, Harbor Adventures and Car Cemeteries

Christopher is the Minister for Lens subjugation, Harbor Adventures and Car Cemeteries. Christopher is
the Banana State Master of Letting Go of Unpleasant Things: unfortunate shadows, dells, wrinkles and
other worries. He constantly makes (with a little help from Photoshop) the King and Queen look as good
as they can. The annoying elements that cannot be removed in this way ... yes, we have other methods,
and a part of State of Banana’s GDP is used for bribing scrap yard managers and harbor administrators.
Once Christopher is in need of new inspiration, or his eyes are hurt by the overwhelming beauty of the
King and Queen, he wanders around Denmark, taking pictures of other nice people and things. You can
see them here:

Minister of dresses, creativity and corkscrew curls

Maiken is Minister for dresses, creativity and corkscrew curls, and generally she just makes State of
Banana look much better to the public than is actually the case. It is not an easy task managing an entire
nation, it can become messy, but under Maiken's knowledgeable guidance, no one notices.
It is Maiken who has created the State of Banana logo and website. Parts of it are still kept secret, both
because the craftsmanship is so astonishing, that the world is not really ready for it yet, and because the
propaganda minister is doing shady business under their guise.
When Maiken does not put all of herself in her ministerial post, she does some foreign business, which
you can see here:

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