Of course you need one of these!

State of Banana does not believe in political correctness or having valid arguments for everything - or to talk your way out of it, when you don’t.

We believe in venting our frustrations with this or that, preferably as a presentation for debate where you might learn something and grow as a human being and as an artist ...
But of course not until AFTER you’ve given people your two cents for what immediately seems to be brain-dead ideas. If you behave stupidly - let us say, for example, that you are introducing a cultural canon in elementary school - then you can be sure to find yourself here!

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Sin helt egen Stat

Bananstaten . Skovgårdsgade 3 . 8000 Århus C . Tlf: 60173726 . Email: sanne@bananstaten.dk . CVR-nummer 35735925